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[2015.10.30] 第32回神奈川工業技術開発大賞「奨励賞」受賞!(パーム油発電技術)Followed by English



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第32回神奈川工業技術開発大賞が決定! 植物原油をディーゼルエンジン燃料に改質するシステム

On October 26, 2015, our “System for reforming vegetable crude oil to diesel engine fuel – Nano biofuel production system” won the 32nd Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Award 【Encouragement Prize】. As a result, the system was marked with the symbol of the Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Award.

◇Outline of awarded technology / product

Today, the world is seeking a renewable power generation system that can supply stable electric power that does not emit CO2. “Nano Bio Fuel Production System” is an epoch-making reforming of vegetable oil such as palm oil to fuel of diesel generator at extremely low cost. As a result, compared to conventional biomass power generation, we have been able to significantly reduce power generation costs.

◇ Future prospects

Due to the high price of petroleum, it is said that domestic power plants of about 4,000 MW regular power plants are inactive. We would like to introduce our Nano Bio Fuel Production System to these power plants and switch to a renewable energy power station.

Takehiko Matsumura


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