NANOFUEL has developed practical solution by adapting its accumulated Nano-technology to environmental and energy sector, and we will continue to challenge to the solution of global-level environmental issues through global business deployment.

There are wide-ranging environmental issues like global warming by greenhouse effect gas, aerial pollution by harmful emission, smoke, etc., water contamination and pollution by waste fluid or discharged water, disposal of waste and so forth. It is also said that they are the most important and difficult issues imposed on human beings. In today’s situation when many restrictions are being regulated or enhanced, practical solution technologies are widely sought.

For more than 30 years, NANOFUEL has been cultivating material atomizing technology which it considers to be world-leading, and by adapting and integrating the technology to new fuel technology, we have practically developed effective and economical solution for users, which we are promoting in global business deployment.

We have almost no time to lose in tackling such environmental issues as NOx (nitrogen oxide) discharge regulation for large vessels, CO2 reduction target in 2020 and 2030, alternative energy for nuclear after the accident and so forth. Believing that our technologies can be very effective solution for such issues, we are striving to contribute to society through global level solution for environmental issues together with our domestic and international customers and partners.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous guidance and support.

March, 2014
Takehiko Matsumura
President and CEO


Takehiko Matsumura


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