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[2015.05.13] We joined the “Kawasaki Green Innovation Cluster”.

We joined the “Kawasaki Green Innovation Cluster (“Cluster” hereafter)” in May.

Cluster is an organization constructing gentle links between various organizations which have splendid results in approaching environmental problems with Kawasaki city, such as companies, NPOs, universities, people of experience or academic standing, supporting organizations, and administrative organizations inside and outside Kawasaki city, aiming at undertaking businesses which contribute to promote of the environmental industry by creating new actions, improving values, and contributing to the society.

As excellent companies and organizations in the environmental industry have joined in the “Cluster”, we are happy to cooperate to promote and develop the Kawasaki area by exchanging opinions with them. Also, we are happy to help other members’ business as well.

Takehiko Matsumura


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