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Company Name NANOFUEL CO., LTD.
Incorporated October 13, 2006
Headquarters 1-19-4 Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 2100821 JAPAN
Paid-up capital 240,000,000JPY
Main Business Nano Emulsion Fuel, Liquid Biomass Power Generation, Fuel Reutilization and
related Environmental Energy Business
Chairman of BOD Hisao Ohya First Class Marine Technician Joined NYK Line upon graduating from Faculty of Engineering Course, Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine, was engaged in operative administrative task of fuel and equipment plant of large ocean-going vessels as engineer, chief engineer. Following R&D duties in 1970, taking charge of sea business, engineering works, HR department as GM, director from April 1972 to June 1999. He was consecutively as CEO of Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd. from 2007 and CEO of Keihin Dock Co., Ltd. from June 2007. Joined Nanofuel as a director in June 2012.
President and CEO Takehiko MatsumuraJoined TAKENAKA CIVIL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. upon graduating from Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University. He was consecutively served for TOHSHOW Co., Ltd., Sales Management Director of Belleeza Club Japan from 1991, CEO of Micro Devices from 1995, CEO of Sogo Biyo Institute of Medical Science from 1996 and joined Nanofuel as CEO in December 2009.
Director Hitoshi KanekoAfter graduation from Faculty of Economics, Keio University in 1972, joined IBM Japan, Ltd., served for western sales division, financial institution business headquarters, financial sales promotion division, E-business business promotion, subsequently left IBM in March 2000, via Star Alpha, Co., Ltd. Ekusaido, joined Nanofuel as Director in August 2013.
Company Auditor Masatsugu Hamada Certified Public AccountantAfter graduation from Faculty of Economics, University of Toyama in 1972, joined auditing firm Ota Tetsuzo office in 1975 (Present Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC) via 1997 representative partner (now - Senior Partner), retired in August 2012, appointed as company auditor in August 2013.
Senior Corporate Advisor Takuo SasadaJoined ITOCHU Corporation upon graduating from Law School of Hokkaido University and was engaged in importing of south-sea wood resident in Malaysia. He was consecutively served for Kuala Lumpur Branch Manager and GM of Logistics and Development Department, Senior Executive Managing Director at UNIGLOBE Travel Japan, Managing Director at Farm in Corporation, Chairman & CEO at Natural Energy Research Center Co.Ltd, Director at WOOD FIBER CO.,LTD. Afterward joined Nanofuel as Director in 2009, appointed as Senior Corporate Advisor in March 2014.
Senior Adviser Tomohiko SakuraiJoined Kandenko in 1961.He was consecutively served for accounting department, sales headquarters, appointed as Nagoya Regional Director in 1995. Since then, Director& Sales and Marketing Management deputy general manager, Managing Director -Sales & Marketing Management deputy general manager, Managing Director & Kansai Branch Manager, Managing Director in charge of West JAPAN in 2006. Via Special Adviser, appointed as executive director of NETSAVE Co.,Ltd. Appointed as Senior Adviser of Nanofuel in July 2013.
Tetsuya Suzuki Doctor of Engineering1990 Tokyo Institute of Technology Doctoral course Department of Life Science and Engineering research Nuclear Engineering completion. Head of Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science and Technology. Professor of Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, environment, resources and energy specialization. Appointed as Senior Adviser of Nanofuel in April 2009.
Takaaki TaniaiJoinged the Tokyo Stock Exchange after graduation of Chuo University, Faculty of Commerce Accounting Department in 1970. Performed as Listing Examination room officer over 15 years involving in new privatization company listing examination of 200 companies such as JR East, JR West, JT.,etc. Thereafter, joined Takara Printing Co., Ltd. in 2001 as managing director, December 2013 joined Nanofuel, currently as Japan IPO practice Inspection Association director.
Kazuyuki Tsuji PhD in PharmacyObtained pharmacist qualification in 1957 and joined TOA EIYO LTD., received PhD in Pharmacy in 1968, via its representative director, executive adviser from 1995, joined Nanofuel in April 2007.
Accounting term September 30
Brokerage lead manager Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd.
Auditing firm Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC
Shareholder registry administrator Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
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Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association

Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Minato Industry Association

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