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[2015.06.19] “Nano-Emulsion Fuel Technology” was announced at the spring seminar by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK).

Maritime Innovation Japan Corporation (MIJAC) announced our Nano-Emulsion Fuel Technology at the spring seminar by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) which was held at the Tokyo venue on June 12 (fri). Class NK, MIJAC, and NANOFUEL jointly conducted the research and development of this technology with the cooperation of Takasaki Laboratory (Kyushu University) and YANMAR Co., Ltd., and with the support of the “collaborative research scheme by the request of the industry” of Class NK.

Theme of the announcement: ”The research and development regarding environmentally-friendly technologies of marine diesel engines by applying Emulsion Fuels – the establishment of practical technologies to reduce NOx / CO2”

Various technology developments have been conducted to conform with IMO exhaust gas regulations (for reducing NOx) for marine diesel engines. However, EGR and SCR have various problems, and therefore the possibilities of Emulsion Fuels (for reducing NOx and improving economy) have been paid attention and expected as effective technologies which conform with IMO TierⅢ NOx regulations. This research and development was conducted for the purpose of elucidating possibilities of significantly reducing the amount of exhaust NOx, verification of optimization of engine performance and exhaust gas properties, and improvement of the diesel combustion by using emulsion fuels. As a result, its effectiveness on the trade-off of NOx / economy, significant reduction of smoke, and stable property of emulsion fuels is confirmed and demonstrated.

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, known as ClassNK or NK, is an international ship classification society.

The Society is offering inspections and registration duties regarding ship classes, technical services regarding marine vessels, offshore structures, machinery, equipment, and systems including onshore plants, and appraisals, technological consultants, research and development in various fields regarding maritime industry.

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