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[2015.10.30] Our technology was published in “Mechanical Surface Tech” October Issue.

Our technology, jointly developed with Tetsuya Suzuki Laboratory (School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University) was featured in “Mechanical Surface Tech” October Issue, a technical information journal regarding surface reforms & surface tests / evaluations including heat treatments / coatings.

 Title:Development of an atomization disk using ceramics coated with diamond films
 Summary:Atomization by using Nanomizer technology is applied to Nano-Emulsions, pigments, carbon nanotubes, suspension for silica and titanium oxide, dispersion for slurry, etc., and is used in many industries including the industries of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, foods, and electronic materials. They replaced single crystal diamonds for atomization disks of the Nanomizer with diamond film-coated ceramic discs, which enables mass production of discs, and the decline of the price of a Nanomizer device itself can be expected.

This is an informational journal regarding surface reforms to give mechanical characteristics, and surface tests / technological evaluations. This journal is issued every other month by Mechanical Tech, a company operating “Mechanical Tech” portal site regarding machinery / underlying technologies.

Date of issue: October 25, 2015.  This journal can be purchased from here.

Takehiko Matsumura


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